The WCCFA was originally chartered in 1934 as the Washington State Cemetery Owners Association. In 1997 we took a closer look at our membership and realized we were serving a much broader spectrum of members than just cemeteries. Active members included not only cemeterians, but funeral directors, cremationists and suppliers of every conceivable supporting product or service.

After an exhaustive review of our bylaws, charter, membership goals, and industry liaisons we changed our name in 2000 to the Washington Cemetery & Funeral Association. We opened our doors to any business in the state of Washington operating under Title 68 (Cemeteries, crematories, scattering services) and 18.39 RCW (Funeral homes, crematories, scattering services).

We gave ourselves another review in 2008-09 and again decided our name did not adequately reflect our membership, since the focus of the death care profession continues to evolve, and in September of 2009 we changed our name to the Washington Cemetery, Cremation & Funeral Association.

Our membership continues to grow. In addition to Cemetery, Funeral Home and Combination Cemetery/Funeral Home memberships, other special memberships are available. These include Suppliers, Associates (non voting, usually out-of-state) and Municipal (non voting) cemeteries.

The Washington Cemetery & Funeral Association is recognized nationwide as an excellent example of what a state association should be: informative, innovative, and fun.

We invite you to join us and see what our members already know!

We provide

  • Second-to-none educational programs (two per year) with top-notch speakers, occasional regional dinner meetings as needs dictate.
  • A great online newsletter 4 quarterly issues per year.
  • Proactive legislative support.
  • And members eager to share their knowledge and ideas with anyone who asks.

Also, we offer a low-price music license (just $248!) in partnership with the International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association.

We offer the following categories of full voting membership:

  • Cemetery, including Municipal
  • Funeral Home
  • Cemetery/Funeral Home Combination
  • Scattering Service
  • Crematory

A member in any of these categories may serve on the Board of Directors.

Non-voting membership but holds a voting position on the board:

  • Suppliers

Non voting membership:

  • Municipal Cemetery
  • Associate

To learn more please click on the “Membership Forms” link and explore.